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Charlene created a social media internship from scratch resulting in a creative learning experience that fostered teamwork, research and creativity. I was so happy to be a part of Charlene’s team of social media interns. Being a Digital Media Production major, I was taught how to produce things but this internship taught me how to market it.


Charlene was a phenomenal manager and team player. She accepted and pursued all our creative thoughts and inquiries with open arms. Charlene’s diligent work for Sojourner Truth Library’s social media positively influenced the library’s community. Students are more aware of the library’s services and there exists a facilitated connection between students and library employees. The work I’ve done for the internship became the foundation of the thesis for the SUNY New Paltz’s Honors Program. With the data I collected from the library’s social media, I was able to create a hypothesis that will help further the success of the library’s social media program.


Working as a social media intern at the SUNY New Paltz Sojourner Truth Library was a unique and rewarding experience. As my first internship, I could not have had a better coordinator to ease me and my fellow interns into the job. Although I was overwhelmed, Charlene was patient and allowed us to ask as many questions as we wanted without ever feeling embarrassed. After the first two weeks it was smooth sailing and she kept us on a system that allowed for timely posts and organization. Although she was our guide, we were allowed plenty of room to express our own ideas and carry out new projects. I never felt like there was any limit or restrictions to what I could do in my position as long as it was relevant and appropriate to the library. During the job itself, it was rewarding to see the response that my work was getting on the social media platforms and it was great to be able to engage with fellow faculty and students. The library is a welcoming environment that only wants success from its workers and patrons and I felt honored to be a part of that team. In the future, I would recommend the internship to anyone who wants to do anything in graphic design, marketing, public relations, or social media. It was a great, rewarding experience that I was happy to have been a part of.