Resource Guides

Check-It: A Web-Wise Toolkit

Use this resource guide—brought to you by a journalist/librarian—to help you navigate the online free marketplace of ideas without falling prey to fake news and disinformation.

COVID-19 Resources for Student Employees at the University at Albany Libraries

Use this resource guide to stay informed about student employment in the wake of COVD-19. It includes links to information about the Student Emergency Fund, NYS unemployment benefits, Albany-area and NYC-area food pantries, virtual games and social activities, and more. You’ll find financial, academic, and health & wellness resources as well.

Library Marketing and Advocacy Through Social Media

Use this list of scholarly articles to begin learning about how libraries use social media for outreach, marketing, and promotion.

Readings on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Use this resource guide to find fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that highlight the diversity of the human experience. You will also find news and scholarly articles on topics relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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