Locally made snacks for your outdoor adventure

Written by Charlene V. Martoni
Published in VISITvortex

Part of what makes the Hudson Valley such a beautiful place this time of year is its many destinations that have been taken over by autumn colors. Now is the time to plan some outdoor adventures like a hike up Overlook Mountain, a climb on the Shawangunk Ridge, or a bike along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail.

It’s always important to be prepared whenever you explore the outdoors by bringing maps, first aid kits, and some form of communication. You should also bring energy-packed snacks to keep you going until the end of your excursion.

Here are some healthy, locally made snacks to pack for your next Hudson Valley adventure:


This homegrown, non-gmo popcorn is popped by the sun and seasoned with all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients—no butter or cheese. The BjornQorn signature flavor is created with nutritional yeast, making it high in protein and B vitamins. Bjorn and Jamie, the duo behind BjornQorn, met at Bard College where Bjorn was known for his family’s popcorn recipe and Jamie for his wild ideas. Thus, BjornQorn was born. You can buy this snack at The Big Cheese in Rosendale, High Falls Food Co-op in High Falls, Kelder’s Farm Stand in Kerhonkson, and at other locations throughout the Hudson Valley. Visit bjornqorn. com for a full listing of locations.


Runners and bikers swear by the New Paltz Bakery’s energy bars, made with nuts, dates, apricots, seeds, sesame tahini, honey, and vanilla. They’re gluten-free, have no refined sugar, and are high in protein. Dave Santner has been making this recipe for his whole baking career, even before opening The Bakery in 1981. The bars have been featured in Runner’s World, and the recipe is included in Runner’s World Cookbook. 13a North Front Street, New Paltz. 845-255-8840. ilovethebakery.com.


A cross between an energy bar and a candy bar, the fruit bars sold at Comparetto’s Bakery in Marlboro were originally created to provide bursts of energy for a local football team. They’re packed with molasses, nuts, and raisins to keep you going—a reward during a big adventure. 20 Western Avenue, Marlboro. 845-236-4440. comparettobakery.com.


Organic, vegan, and gluten-free, Ragi’s little energy balls are handmade in Woodstock with coconut, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla, and a hint of sea salt. They were created to provide energy without dropping blood sugar.

Try their cacao, cashew, strawberry, or mango varieties. You can pick them up at Mother Earth Storehouse in Kingston, Village Apothecary in Woodstock, and at many other locations throughout the Hudson Valley. Find more locations and varieties at rajisdivinedelights.com.


These delicious bites were inspired by creator Mark Reynolds’ childhood favorite—key lime pie. Mark’s energy bites are 100-percent raw, vegan, and organic, made with dates, coconut shreds, seeds, lime juice, lime zest, and Celtic sea salt.

With 2.4 grams of protein and 6.5 grams of fiber, these 290 calorie bites are loaded with vitamins E and B complex for eye, digestive, and muscle health. You can find them at the Tea Haus in Rosendale. For more information, visit facebook.com/chromaticculinaries.


If you’re looking for a unique granola, this granola made at Raspberry Fields Farms in Marlboro is just the ticket.

Rolled oats combine with crisp rice, whole dried raspberries, sunflower seeds, coconut, and more to create a delicious granola perfect for an outdoor excursion. Check out other varieties at raspberryfieldsfarm.com. 601 Lattintown Road, Marlboro. 845-236-2551.


If you’re going to explore the Hudson Valley, Upstate Granola just makes sense. This Woodstock company offers unique varieties of granola, like praline pecan, sunflower, and blueberry granola or maple pecan and dried cherry granola. They also offer gluten-free and paleo options. For a full list of flavors, visit upstategranola.com. 65 Tinker Street, Woodstock. 845-532-1218.


Perfect for the fall, the chai granola sold at LaGusta’s Luscious in New Paltz will reinforce the autumn-ness of your fall hike or bike. Taste the flavors of the season as you trek into the golden Hudson Valley wilderness.

LaGusta’s Luscious also sells a pre-packaged Rock Scramble, made with corn flakes, pistachios, marshmallows, and organic fair-trade dark chocolate—perfect for the chocoholic hiker. 25 North Front Street, New Paltz. 845-255-8834. lagustasluscious.com.


Grok Bites appeared on the Hudson Valley scene in 2015 and have quickly gained popularity in the area. These snack-sized, packaged squares are handmade in New Paltz with raw, vegan ingredients like dates, cashew nuts, cacao powder, and coconut. Each package contains about 10 percent of your daily protein and 15 percent of your daily dietary fiber. Try the Nutty Expressor variety for a caffeine kick, or try the new flavor, Purple Rain, made with mulberries, pomegranate, and lavender.

Grok Bites can be found at many local businesses, like The Tea Haus in Rosendale, The Cheese Plate in New Paltz, and Monkey Joe’s in Kingston. Find other locations and flavors at thegrokbar.com. 845-384-2264.


For a savory protein kick, try some venison snack sticks from Highland Farm in Germantown. At just two bucks a pop, these sticks are loaded with 8 grams of protein and come in smoked, teriyaki, pepper, hot, and cheddar varieties to satisfy any savory craving. Visit eat-better-meat.com to discover even more snacks from Highland Farm. 283 County Route 6, Germantown. 518-537-6397.


The easiest food to pack for an outdoor adventure is a fresh, locally-grown apple—or other fruit—from a local farm or farmers market. Pick your favorite!


Add this elixir to tea or juice for an immune boost during your outdoor adventure. Packed with ginger and turmeric, it will aid in digestion and help to control inflammation in your body.

Visit the ImmuneSchein Tea Haus in Rosendale for some drinks with this elixir already mixed in. You can also buy bottles of it to make your own personalized drink! 446 Main Street, Rosendale. 828-319-1844. immune-schein.com.


If you’re bringing your dog along on your excursion, remember to pack some food and water for her too. Highland Farm in Germantown sells all-natural, raw pet food, made with no preservatives, chemicals, or additives.
Try some farm-raised venison and game blended with locally-grown produce. It’s flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed, so just pack it in your bag. You can also request made-to-order custom blends for your pooch. 283 County Route 6, Germantown. 518-537-6397. eat-better-meat.com.

Another great option for pets are the biscuits made by Gooddog Biscuit Company in Poughquag. They’re always made with natural and organic ingredients.
Try the peanut butter cookies or the sweet potato dehydrated chips! You can buy these snacks at many markets and festivals in the Hudson Valley. Visit facebook.com/gooddogdiscuitco to find out where they’ll be sold next. 845-243-0673.

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