About Charlene

My earliest memory is of my library.

My journey with libraries began as a toddler, when my mother brought me to our town’s weekly “library club” for experiential programming and socialization. I have since continuously utilized and contributed to my public, school, and academic libraries. These places of discovery and refuge shaped me into a civic and service-minded librarian, committed to cultivating the next generation of library advocates—what I call, “Library Club 2.0.”

Areas of expertise and research interests:

Library Management
& Professional Development

Advocacy, Outreach,
& Marketing

Diversity, Equity,
& Inclusion

Access Services
& Circulation

Reader’s Advisory
& Research Assistance

Instructional Design, Distance Learning, & Cocurricular Learning

I can help you:

Get your research project organized, select trustworthy resources for your project, and provide editorial feedback.

Review your library’s social media presence, and help you design a social media strategy unique to your library community.

Develop cocurricular learning experiences for library student employees, and liven up your library instruction.

Write and edit professional emails, newsletters, scholarly content, and even your memoir!

Design graphics and websites for your portfolios, projects, and organizations.

Assess your library’s departmental workflows and training materials, then help you design even stronger ones.

Plan programming and discussions relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion, tailored to your specific community.

Find your next book in any genre you wish to explore, and provide you with multimedia resources to help you engage deeply.

Organize your short and long-term professional and personal goals so that they are more achievable.

Connect you with people from my interdisciplinary network of professionals for collaboration.

To inquire about the above services,
please fill out the contact form below: